Company Introduction

Mapna STS is one of the companies of Mapna Group, which operates simultaneously with the group’s mission in various sectors of energy, oil and gas and transportation. Relying on capable and professional manpower and up-to-date infrastructure, this company is a reliable and superior supplier in the field of design and supply of industrial equipment, which has developed its product portfolio in line with the development of Mapna Group activities and the country’s industrial needs.

Mapna STS is one of the largest industrial companies in the country, which started its activities in 1996 in Isfahan province by manufacturing various industrial equipment and metal structures in the cement and steel industries. Being located in the heart of the country’s industry and the use of qualified and experienced personnel led to the successful implementation of projects such as construction of Karun Cement Factory equipment, construction and installation of Isfahan Cement Development Project equipment, Khuzestan Seven Sugarcane Factories and in cooperation with international companies including HAZMAG Germany. Mapna STS entered the field of power plant equipment manufacturing in 2001 under the supervision of international companies such as ANSALDO ENERGIA and SIEMENS. Restructuring and infrastructure development, along with entering the field of power plant equipment design and product portfolio development, created a new chapter in the development of this company. Mapna STS Company currently operates on a land with an area of 300,000 square meters and employs more than 800 well-qualified and professional labor in the form of operational and support departments in the stages of studies, recruitment, and planning and commitment management. Establishment of Research and Development Department of Mapna STS Company in Isfahan Science and Technology Park, in addition to strengthening the knowledge-based infrastructure, has provided a suitable platform for the development of industry-university relations. In this regard, Mapna STS Company was awarded the rank of knowledge-based in 2017.

Range of products and services

  • Design and supply of various power plant ancillary equipment
  • Supply of shells for various types of gas and steam turbines
  • Providing hot air route equipment
  • Design and supply of thermal desalination plants
  • Design and supply of wind turbine towers
  • Design and supply of vertical twin kiln for baking lime
  • Design and supply of pressure vessels
  • Design and supply of industrial ejectors
  • Design and supply of firefighting packages
  • Providing services in product support

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