As the highest executive official of the organization, Managing Director of Mapna STS is in charge of leading the organization.
The deputies and managements of the organization operate under the supervision of the Managing Director, who is a member of the board of directors.


Deputy Management of Sales is responsible for integrated planning and project management of the organization along with market development.
The integrated structure of attracting, planning and managing commitments is one of the main missions of the sales deputy, which has provided the highest level of accountability and customer satisfaction.
The main relationship between Mapna STS Company with clients and companies of Mapna Group, along with the responsibility of managing the company’s projects, is the responsibility of the sales deputy.

Soheil Mahabadi

Planning, implementation and technical and operational guidance of all production processes related to the company’s product portfolio and commitments in accordance with customer needs is carried out in this department to ensure timely and high quality production and in accordance with the necessary standards.
Existence of high industrial sheds, various overhead cranes up to 50 tons capacity, heat treatment furnaces up to 1200°C, up-to-date equipment and machinery along with the expertise and capability of the personnel, are among the production infrastructures of this company.

Hossein Mansourian

Supply chain management as a dynamic and agile logistics structure, is a support process in the value chain of products of Mapna STS, which manages material flow, using proper storage and maintenance methods, legal and contractual management of contractors, organizing the design and development of the company’s infrastructure and timely and high quality supply of material from domestic and overseas suppliers.
The development of reliable supply networks is being done by improving the process of identifying, evaluating and continuously empowering suppliers as a strategic plan in this department.

Ms. Torabi

Engineering management of Mapna STS Company is located in Isfahan Science and Technology Park. Being equipped with up-to-date hardware and software infrastructure, and using specialized personnel to design and develop products and services, as well as product technology support acts to increase quality and reduce costs of supply and production and to maintain the competitiveness of products. Having the infrastructure and technology transfer platforms from knowledgeable companies and effective communication with scientific and research centers are other capabilities of this department.

Majid Karbasi

Having competent human resources is one of the empowering tools of Mapna STS Company in providing distinctive and outstanding services and products. Human resource management in line with the two strategic goals of attracting, developing and retaining qualified personnel and adapting the organization and organizational culture to its strategies, has implemented effective processes based on scientific models so that in addition to providing and increasing employee welfare, brand promotion And the competitive position of the organization is also influential. Also, by maintaining and promoting the mental and physical health of employees, prevention of environmental pollution and continuous improvement of safety, health and environmental management system, is committed to the standards and legal requirements of the HSE and supports the main activities of the organization.

Ahmad Reza Ziaei

Carrying out strategic studies from formulating strategic plans of the organization to monitoring and measuring plans based on scientific performance evaluation systems, designing and improving processes and work procedures in accordance with the standards of quality management systems and organizational excellence. Optimal and effective planning of organizational resources and creating a correct decision platform in a timely manner with the help of accurate and fast flow of information with the organization resource integration tool (SAP-ERP) as well as support and improvement of software infrastructure, is done in this section.

The mission of this part of the organization is to provide timely financial resources based on budgeting of different parts of the organization, managing costs and cash flows of the company, providing financial analytical reports and responding to all claimants and financial regulators.

Mehran Lotfizadeh

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