Desalination & Water Treatment

As a country with a predominantly hot and dry climate, Iran is always at risk of drought and water shortages. Conventional solutions to supply fresh water needed for drinking and industry include salt water desalination and water recycling. One of the methods of desalination of seawater, especially in the southern regions of the country, is the use of desalination units along with thermal power plants for simultaneous production of water and electricity, which can significantly reduce water desalination costs by reusing energy losses of thermal power plants. For this purpose, in order to solve the problem of potable water shortage in the southern regions of the country, Mapna Group has chosen to reuse thermal energy waste to desalinate seawater in the framework of Qeshm Water and Power Plant project. Designing, supplying and installing water heaters of MED type in Mapna Group is assigned to Mapna STS. With our engineering knowledge and suitable design infrastructure, we have the ability of manufacturing various types of desalination units with different capacities and high efficiency.

Providing services to reduce water consumption in water-consuming industries such as power plants and steel industries by optimizing cooling systems as well as recycling and reusing of water (wastewater) are other services that can be provided by us.

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