Heller dry cooling towers are used in areas where water loss and further evaporation should be avoided due to lack of sufficient water. In this system, the exhaust steam from the LP section of the steam turbine is distilled inside the spray condenser by direct contact with water. The natural air flow created by the difference in pressure and temperature above and below the tower passes through the deltas and cools the cooling water in the deltas.
Supply and installation of cooling Hellers with metal structures in Jahrom and Hamedan combined cycle power plants are among the successful achievements of Mapna STS in this sector.

Specifications of the cooling tower of Shahid Mofteh power plant in Hamadan:

  • The metal structure of Tower No. 2 of Hamedan Power Plant is a space structure with tubular elements that are connected at the nodes with screw connections.
  • The height of the tower is 135 meters with an approximate weight of 2000 tons.

Jahrom cooling tower specifications:

  • The metal structure of these towers is a type of space structure with tubular elements that are connected at the node points with screw connections.
  • The height of each tower is 125 meters and weighs about 3100 tons with aluminum cover.

These towers are designed to reduce the water temperature by 5 degrees Celsius, and in order to achieve this goal, creating a proper aeration system with aluminum sheets is of particular importance.

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