Diverter Damper

Improving the efficiency of the country’s power plants by converting gas units into a combined cycle is one of the main strategies of the country in the energy sector. In combined cycle power plants, due to the possibility of reusing the heat output from the gas turbine using a heat recovery boiler (HRSG) and a steam power plant unit, the fuel efficiency of the power plant increases. The equipment of the rotary damper system in combined cycle power plants is of great importance as the common chapter of gas and steam units. The rotary damper equipment is composed of various and complex components that all these sensitive and high-tech parts are provided by Mapna STS Company.

Equipment performance:

  • Transferring of turbine exhaust smoke to boiler or exhaust (outdoor)
  • Directing the exhaust gas flow to the boiler or bypass stack
  • Adjusting the exhaust gas flow to the boiler during start up and run back of the boiler
  • Preventing hot gas from leaking into the HRSG space or towards the bypass chimney

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