In this system, the steam output from the low pressure section of the steam turbine is transferred directly through the steam duct and the steam distribution system into a group of pipes called Tube Bundle. These tubes, which have blades on the outer surface, are exposed to the exhaust air from the fans and the steam is distilled. In fact, there is no separate condenser in this system and the same group of pipes play the role of condenser. Cooling air passes through the tube handle, distills, and changes the vapor phase inside the tubes by capturing the latent heat of the steam. Steam flows down from the tip of the A-shaped tubes and is distilled along the path, and the distilled fluid is collected at the end of the path and transferred to the corresponding tank. Non-distillate gases are also returned to the cycle by the exhaust system. The fluid collected in the tank is returned to the feed system by a water pump.

In this system, the cooling air flow is established by axial flow fans that are installed horizontally. The fan control system is of two common methods: either using two-speed fan motors or using VFD frequency converters. One of the advantages of this type of system is high efficiency and reliability in all weather conditions, fast and safe installation. ACC cooling system is used in the power plants established by Mapna Group, for instance, Kerman, Isfahan 2, Abadan, Genaveh, Chadormelo, Kahnooj, Behbahan and Sirjan.

The following are among the products and services of Mapna STS:    

Outlet steam duct of the turbine
Steam distribution system 
Distilled fluid collection system

Structure: In general, dry cooling systems need to be located in the power plant in such a way that there is no limit to the inlet air used in them. ACC systems are the only type of cooling system that must be located near the turbine building to minimize the pressure drop between the steam turbine and the air condenser. The height of the structure supporting the ACC system depends on many parameters such as ambient temperature and the amount of wind in the heights of the area. The weight of this structure is about 1500 tons. ACC structures of Kahnooj and Urmia power plants are among the projects carried out by Mapna STS Company.

Outlet steam duct of the turbine and steam distribution system
This system is responsible for transferring steam from the low pressure part of the turbine to the condensers and dividing it between the pipe handles. The weight of this part is 750 tons. Ducts and tanks of Assaluyeh, Toos, Rumileh, Chabahar, Urmia, West Karun and Rudshor power plants have been supplied, manufactures and installed by Mapna STS.

Distilled fluid collection system:
This system includes tanks that are responsible for collecting distilled fluid. After collection, the distilled fluid is transferred to a heat recovery boiler to move the steam turbine after getting turned into supersaturated steam. The weight of these tanks is about 50 tons.

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