Construction of equipment for distributed / simultaneous power plants (dg-chp)

Energy losses in the field of power plants, as well as peak consumption times, have always been one of the main problems of the country’s electricity industry. In order to increase efficiency, reducing losses and managing the network, Mapna Group has introduced the design and construction of small-scale power plants as a suitable solution. Design and construction of Qeshm water and electricity generation power plant and Nowshahr and Behshahr mobile power plants with a capacity of 25 MW are among the actions of Mapna Group in this sector. The mission of designing and supplying the ancillary equipment of this power plant, including the Air Intake system and the Gas Exhaust System, is on the work scope of Mapna STS. The ability to prepare, install and commission quickly to generate electricity in less than three months is one of the unique features of mobile power plants, so that this power plant can enter the circuit in less than 25 minutes. Among the measures taken in the engineering department of the company are numerical simulation of flow, calculation of sound level, structural design and vibration.

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