Thermal Desalinations

The mission of designing, supplying and installing MED heat water desalinations in Mapna Group is among the responsibilities of Mapna STS. Multistage distillation systems (MED) are generally used in the refining and petrochemical industries. Today, the design of dual-purpose power plants to produce fresh water and electricity is more cost-effective than other methods due to the availability of boiler steam generated from the energy recovery of turbine exhaust gases. This technology, in addition to having low operating temperature and pressure, also has low power consumption.

Advantages of MED and MED-TVC systems

  • Low electrical energy consumption
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Operation at low temperature and concentration ratio to prevent corrosion
  • No need for special filtration or pre-treatment of incoming water
  • Ease of erection and operation (no use of complex equipment and special pumps)
  • High quality of produced water
  • Low consumption of chemicals
  • Long equipment life
  • High reliability and accessibility of the system
  • Ability to use excess thermal energy

Mapna STS is one of the reputable companies in the field of design, supply, installation and commissioning of seawater desalination plants. Having the appropriate engineering knowledge and infrastructure in this field, we can build all kinds of desalination units with different capacities and high efficiency.

Accomplished Projects:

  • Qeshm Power and Water Power Plant project with a production capacity of 50 MW of electricity and 18,000 cubic meters of fresh water per day
  • Qeshm Combined Cycle Power Plant project with a capacity of 500 MW of electricity and 8000 cubic meters of fresh water per day.

Mapna STS has been awarded the “Energy Globe Certificate” by European Green Management Association for the Qeshm Water and Power Project.

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