Peripheral equipment of refinery turbo compressors, booster stations and gas transmission, pressure vessels

Turbo-Compressor accessories:

Turbo-Compressors are used in gas pressure boosting stations and consist of two main parts, turbine and compressor. The main task of the turbo-compressor is to move the compressor to compress a substance with a gaseous state. Air Intake system, gas exhaust system, gas volute exhaust equipment, gas fuel system and firefighting system are among turbo-compressor equipment that are supplied and manufactured by Mapna STS.

Air intake system
This equipment weighing 23 tons is responsible for supplying the air required for the combustion chamber of the turbine. After passing through this system, the ambient air is directed to the compressor after filtration, so that after compression and reaching a certain temperature, it is ready for consumption in the turbine combustion chamber. Due to the importance of this section in the performance and efficiency of the turbine, the design and construction of this complex is highly sensitive.

Exhaust system

The main task of this equipment is to transfer the turbine exhaust gases to a height higher than the turbo-compressor and release it into the atmosphere. The turbine exhaust gases have a temperature of at least 400° C, which decreases along this path and finally enters the atmosphere at a temperature of about 150 ° C. The weight of the exhaust set is about 35 tons.
The intensity of the current passing in this path causes a strident sound. Therefore, in the middle of the path, exhaust gases pass through a set of sound absorbers and the intensity of the sound frequency is reduced. The set of sound absorbers is called the silencer.

Gas Turbine Enclosure & Base Frame

This equipment is used to protect and maintain the turbine and internal accessories. The total weight of the set is 32 tons and consists of three main parts, the container of which is double-walled. The outer wall is made of low carbon steel and the ducts are made of stainless steel.

Gas Volute Exhaust Transmission System

This unit, weighing about 1 ton, directs the exhaust air from the turbine to the exhaust. Due to the complex manufacturing technology, this piece is made in the form of cut pieces in special fixtures.

Fire Fighting Enclosure & Base Frame for fuel system of turbo-compressor

This equipment is used for protection and maintenance of fuel system and firefighting equipment. The total weight of the complex is 14.5 tons and its container is double-walled. The outer wall is made of low carbon steel and the ducts are made of stainless steel.

Projects carried out:

  • Supply of equipment for 32 refinery turbo-compressors for phases 13, 19, 22 and 24 of Assaluyeh
  • Supply of equipment for 70 turbo-compressors out of 100 turbo-compressors to boost the pressure of gas transmission stations

Pressure Vessels

These tanks mostly include compressed gas storage tanks (such as air, oxygen and nitrogen tanks), ammonia-waterless tanks, oil-gas tanks, autoclaves, hot water storage tanks, chemical reactors and cooling tanks that can be produced by this company.

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