In order to expand the supply chain and to identify partners and suppliers to cooperate in the group’s projects, Mapna Group Company’s Deputy Manager of Commerce has created a supplier database. In this regard, it is necessary for reputable and capable domestic and overseas suppliers applying for cooperation with Mapna Group, to register in the supplier database, as follows;

  • After studying the website of Mapna Group, if the field of activity of the applicant companies is in line with the needs of Mapna Group, please apply for “membership” through the following link. Dear suppliers, note that reading the registration guide can clear up many possible ambiguities.
  • Then, in case there would be a need for the introduced field of activity, an account will be activated and the username and password will be sent to the e-mail introduced by the suppliers.
  • After receiving the username and password, the applicant suppliers need to refer to the following link again and use the received username and password to complete the company information by “logging in”.
  • After completing all the requested information and performing the “final registration and submission of information” by the suppliers, the information provided will be reviewed and evaluated to find out the eligibility of the relevant applicant. It is worth mentioning that “final registration and submission of information” will not be possible if the information and mandatory attachments are not completed. Completion of all requested information forms and attachments will also be effective in determining the final score of supplier evaluation.
  • Suppliers can find out the latest registration status of their respective company for membership in the Mapna Group database by referring to the “Membership Tracking” section.
When above steps are taken properly, the eligibility of the relevant applicant will be evaluated and in case of approval, the supplier will be registered in the Mapna database and will be inviter for the related bids or collaborations.

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